20 Vegan Twists on Your Favorite American Foods From Childhood – A Mix of Grocery Buys & Recipes

Remember These 20 Favorite Snacks From Childhood? Now, Food Companies Have Re-Imagined Them With All Vegan IngredientsWhat did you love to eat as a child? Growing up in the 90s, I enjoyed the standard American fare as many others did, like meat, dairy, packaged snacks and heat-and-eat foods from a box. As I got older and changed my diet, I gave up some of the more popular convenience food brands. Fortunately, many of my old favorites, likes chips, cheese, bacon, cupcakes and toaster pastries, have now been re-imagined, plant-based style. Many of them are available at your nearest grocery store. Oh how the times have changed!

Here are some favorite foods from childhood that have now been re-imagined, vegan style.

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