Welcome to Lazy Girl Vegan! I’m Alexandra, and I work as a writer, editor and social media manager in NYC. As a vegan foodie, traveler, wellness warrior, and lover of animals and the Earth, I started this blog to share my lifestyle and help anyone eat more plants.

AlexandraI have maintained a plant-based diet since 2004 when I was growing up as the only vegetarian in my family. When I went to college, I became more interested in plant-based diets and healthy cooking, setting out to travel and learn as much as I could about plant-based nutrition and natural health.

After I graduated college and moved to NYC, I decided to take the next step and become vegan. It was challenging at first but eventually became easier. Now, I love sharing what I learn with others as I continue to explore NYC through a vegan lens.

Plant-based living can be easy (and even FUN!) — you just have to start.

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  1. umesh says:

    I work in UC with Ms. Teresa. Nice to know that you are Vegan and interested in cooking. I am born in vegetarian family. I have been vegan from 2007.
    Let me know if you have any improvised recipes which I could try.


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