10 Of My Favorite, Vegan/Dairy-Free Snacks From graze Snack Box Delivery Service

10 Of My Favorite, Vegan/Dairy-Free Snacks From graze Snack Box Delivery Service

I have been a subscriber of graze snack boxes for about two years, and I love it! You choose the type of snacks you want and how often you get them. I recommend you try graze and see why I love this customizable snack delivery service.

I’ve got a sweet deal for first-time subscribers —> If you subscribe via this link, you can get your 1st and 5th snack boxes FREE!.

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These Awesome Food Products Will Help You Transition to a Plant-Based, Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

In 2013, I decided to stop eating yogurt and try more of a vegan diet. I was a vegetarian at the time. Now, I consider myself a plant-based eater or a 99% vegan. I eat primarily plants, but I occasionally have dairy depending on the situation (like a birthday party where the cake has already been baked).

This blog is for people who want to make better eating choices, who want to eat more plant-based and need resources. I am not interested in making people feel excluded or like they need to be perfect. I often wonder if the more militant vegans understand that their tactics actually turn people away from veganism. I am interested in helping people eat less meat and dairy (or none at all!), not scaring them away from the vegan message of compassion.

Review – Dairy-Free, Boxed Mac n' Cheese From Earth Balance – Lazy Girl Vegan
In order to change your eating habits, you need to know what the heck you can eat! I assure you that there are SO MANY options; you just have to look and learn!

That’s Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese up there, yummm.

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Review – Graze Subscription Snack Box – Lazy Girl Vegan

Subscription box services are so hot right now, so when I received a free box promo for Graze, I decided if my first box is free, it couldn’t hurt to try it. Well, I ended up loving it and became a subscriber!

Here are eight reasons why I like Graze for easy, plant-based snacking.

 Pick and Choose Vegan Snacks to Come to Your Door Each Week With The Graze Subscription Box

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