10 of My Favorite, Vegan/Dairy-Free Frozen Food Entrees From Amy’s Kitchen

10 of My Favorite, Vegan/Dairy-Free Frozen Food Entrees From Amy’s Kitchen

Frozen food has come a long way since it first hit American supermarkets more than 50 years ago. Just look at Amy’s Kitchen, a vegetarian prepared foods brand whose founders began with a humble vision of providing tasty meals to like-minded people. Now, Amy’s meals can be found in most grocery stores — big and small — across the United States.

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10 Yummy Frozen Food Items at Trader Joe’s — All Vegan! No Meat, Eggs or Dairy

Vegan USA – Yummy Frozen Food Finds at Trader Joe’s

Once you step into Trader Joe’s, you’ll definitely plan to come back again. Everything seems so cheap, and it’s easy to fill up a cart quickly because you’ll feel like you want (no, NEED) everything you see. I’ve been buying vegetarian and vegan food from Trader Joe’s locations all across the country for years now, and I’m a huge fan of the store.

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Awesome! Chipotle Is Testing New, All-Natural Tortillas That Contain Only 4 Ingredients

Chipotle Is Testing New Tortillas That Contain Only 4 Ingredients & Are All-Natural

As customers ask for whole foods options that are free of junk, more restaurants are stepping up to meet the demand with quality food. Chipotle, one of my favorite places to get a quick bite, is leading the pack here. A couple of months ago, the company announced it would no longer serve foods made with GMOs. Now, the Mexican food chain is testing a new, all-natural tortilla that contains only four ingredients!

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