January 2018 Vegan Favorite Products

January 2018 Vegan Favorites

Each month I’m going to choose a mix of vegan food, health, wellness, fashion, beauty and skin care products that I’m loving. There are many great vegan products and brands out there.

Here are my favorite vegan items for January 2018!

Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer

January 2018 Vegan Favorites

I am so ready for this NYC winter to be over! Ugh! At least this Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizerย adds some sparkle, a much-needed pick-me-up when the cold weather can wreak havoc on skin. This oil-free, lightweight vegan moisturizer is perfect for combatting dullnessl. The product has a bit of a shimmer to it, making it the perfect pick-me-up.

Vaute Couture The Lincon Future Snow CoaT

January 2018 Vegan Favorites

Vaute Couture is an awesome vegan fashion company based in NYC. They have warm snow coats, like The Lincoln Future in black. This vegan, cruelty-free coat is made of 100% recycled closed loop zero waste windproof snow resistant ripstop, insulated with 200 gram Primaloft ECO of 100% recycled fibers It’s an insulation that arctic explorers use, and it’s cut and sewn in the USA.

Raised Gluten Free Apple Pie

January 2018 Vegan Favorite Products

The pies from Raised Gluten Free are perfect for those with food allergies. I didn’t miss the gluten at all when I tried this delicious apple pie. Raised Gluten Free has some other pie flavors, as well like Strawberry Rhubarb, Lemon, Chocolate and Berry Peach.

Munk Pack Oatmeal To-Go Pouches

January 2018 Vegan Favorites

I try to sit down and have a hearty breakfast before I leave the house, but that doesn’t always happen. When I need to just get up and go, I often grab something to eat on the subway.ย Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezesย areย perfect for this. Get tasty oatmeal and fruit in a squeeze pouch AKA drinkable oatmeal. And it won’t stink up the subway car so you can eat without getting dirty looks.

Note: I received samples of the pie and the oatmeal packs to try.

What type of vegan products are you loving this month?

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