Easy Vegan Recipe – Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos from Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking

Easy Vegan Recipe – Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos from Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking

Layered with Asian flavors and some mighty textural power, these Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos will be perfect to help ring in the next Taco Tuesday!

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10 Frozen Vegan Food Items You Have to Try From Trader Joe’s

Vegan USA – 10 Savory Frozen Food Items You Have to Try From Trader Joe's (All Meat-Free and Dairy-Free)

No matter what stage you are at in life, Trader Joe’s has a frozen vegan meal for you. We all get busy sometimes, so if you’re going to go with a frozen meal, just add some more greens and veggies to make it healthier.   Continue reading

Cookbook Spotlight – Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking

Cookbook Spotlight – Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking

Often, people who are skeptical of veganism say the lifestyle is just too expensive. While it’s true that some specialty, packaged vegan foods can be more expensive than their cheaper-made counterparts, simply eating a vegan diet doesn’t have to be expensive and isn’t a luxury. Frugal Vegan shows you that you CAN be frugal while eating plant-based if you want!
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Food Review – VedaFoods Barley Pilaf – Natural Culinary Cuisine for the Sugar Conscious


America is the land of fast food, buffets, take-out and food trucks. While that stuff is delicious, it can turn into a real hurdle for those who are trying to eat healthier and loose weight – especially if you have diabetes! Are there fast and healthy options for the sugar-conscious?

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Annie’s Homegrown Releases Organic Mac n’ Cheese Featuring a Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Sauce

Annie's Homegrown Releases New Mac n' Cheese Products Featuring a Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Sauce       gf_org_veg_elbow

Annie’s Homegrown now offers Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce, as well as Organic Gluten Free Vegan Elbows & Creamy Sauce! They are similar to other boxed mac n’ cheese products that sit on the shelf, and they’re perfect for young people, college students, busy families, and anyone who wants an easy-to-make meal.


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Newbie Vegan – Relying on Convenience and Packaged Foods During a Super Busy Work Week

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” -William Edward Hickson

Wow, what a week! To say this week has been hard would be an understatement; this has been the week from hell. As they say: “When it rains, it pours.” Today marks day 22 that I have been eating this vegan diet.


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