Unboxing the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – Pacifica Eye Shadow, The Wonder Seed Hand Cream & More

Unboxing the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – Pacifica Eye Shadow, The Wonder Seed Hand Cream & More

It’s always a happy day when the mail person rings my doorbell to deliver my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! This is my fourth month subscribing, and I highly recommend it. Through this service, I’ve discovered so many cool beauty and skincare products that have helped me overhaul my old collection and create a new one that’s friendlier to my body, animals, and the Earth!

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Unboxing the June Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – Pacifica Face Wash, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant & More

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Last month, I received my third delivery of my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscription, and this is my favorite box so far. It featured a nice mix of face wash, eye color, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, and soap — essentials for summer traveling.

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Maintain Healthy & Radiant Skin With the Vegan Cuts Vegan Facial Care Box

Maintain Radiant Skin With the Vegan Cuts Vegan Facial Care Box

I love the specialty boxes from Vegan Cuts. This year, the company has come out with a Meat & Cheese Box, as well as a Camping Box. Now, they offer a Vegan Facial Care Box, which is packed with $170 worth of essential face oils, a kale and spirulina mask, exfoliators, moisturizers, toner, and more — all without the luxe price tag!

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Newbie Vegan – Switching to Natural, Clean Beauty Products (And Some Homemade Ones, Too!)

Aside from the food part of my 30-day vegan challenge, I would like to talk about an aspect of the vegan and clean lifestyle that many people might not think about when first making the switch — what’s inside our everyday beauty products.

It sucks that most of the skin care, shampoo, makeup, etc. that we buy at the grocery store is made with chemicals that are harmful to our body. Plus, some are tested on animals. Because of this, I have recently made the switch to natural shampoo made with no sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes, harsh salts, parabens, or gluten!


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Cincinnati Restaurants With Tasty Vegan Meal Options

My hometown has some amazing vegan food! Go Cincinnati! Yumm. Just look at the size of those tomato slices.

Cincinnati Restaurants That Have Tasty Vegan Meals on the Menu

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