Newbie Vegan – Here’s Why I’m Eating More Plant-Based Foods and Taking a 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Hello, I’m Brielle! Alexandra introduced me last week. I’m a meat-and-dairy eater and have decided to take on a 30-day challenge of eating more plant-based foods. I would like to start my first blog post by saying how excited I am to be apart of Lazy Girl Vegan during this challenge and to share it with you!

For the Next 30 Days, My Friend is Trying a Plant-Based Diet and Sharing Her Experience on Lazy Girl Vegan!For the Next 30 Days, My Friend is Embracing a Plant-Based Diet Challenge and Sharing Her Experience on Lazy Girl Vegan!
Some of the produce and drinks from my Kroger haul in Northern Kentucky 

So, why is a meat and dairy eater taking on a vegan challenge? Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Throughout high school, I struggled with and knew many other young girls who struggled with eating disorders, along with the constant pressure to fit into society’s idea of a perfect female body. Even today, I still find myself wanting to resort back to those old habits. But instead, I have found strength in learning to control what I eat and the types of foods I put into my body, focusing on eating whole foods and giving my body the nutrition it needs.

As Alexandra said in a previous post, I have always been conscious about the food I eat, opting for organic, non- GMO, and/or sustainable options as much as possible due to the way I was raised. But I have never flat-out restricted myself to a plant based or vegan diet. In the past few years my parents have undergone a HUGE lifestyle change, moving to a farmhouse, raising ducklings, and eating completely organic, non-GMO food. Since doing so, they have seen vast improvements in their health. such as significant weight loss, better cholesterol and blood pressure (even eliminating doctor proscribed medications for blood pressure, thyroid disorders, SVT, and cholesterol) and overall better health. Since making this lifestyle change, they regularly see a holistic, natural remedied doctor who has commented on their better overall health since making the change.

While they still opt to eat grass fed, organic beef or eggs from their own farm, I have decided to go full-fledged vegan because I believe that a solely plant based diet will help me get to my goal weight without resorting to dangerous methods as well as eliminate many of the health problems I currently have. In doing so with this challenge, I would also like to spread awareness to carnivores like myself about the health and wellness benefits that a plant-based diet can have, as well as demonstrate how this can be a doable alternative to anyone!

I had to figure out how all of this would work. Ok, so I’m a 24 year-old restaurant manager with a husband who needs constant attention, as well as a 7- year old stepson. The restaurant business is extremely demanding. We end up spending 50 or more hours a week on our feet, and I often bring more work home with me. So, the only way to make this plant-based challenge realistic is to spend two days each week prepping food for the entire week ahead. That will make for about two trips to the grocery store every week, as well. Here are some more things I’ve already bought. I’m excited to start prepping!

I found Daiya Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza and Amy’s Rice Macaroni With Dairy-Free Cheeze at Whole Foods Market in Cincinnati.

unnamed (7)unnamed

I bought Vegan Chicken-Free Strips from Beyond Meat, Daiya cheese and Luna burgers from Whole Foods Market in Cincinnati.

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

I picked up some delicious vegan drinks like Living Harvest Hempmilk, So Delicous Coconut Milk, Suja juice and Synergy kombucha from Kroger in Northern Kentucky,

For the Next 30 Days, My Friend is Embracing a Plant-Based Diet Challenge and Sharing Her Experience on Lazy Girl Vegan!unnamed (8)

I’ve been following this vegan diet for several days now, and I’m excited to keep going this week. I’ll be sharing my first week recap post next week. Thank you for reading 🙂


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