Tricks to Jazz Up Your Convenience Food Meals and Make Them Healthier!

Tricks to Jazz Up Your Convenience Food Meals and Make Them Healthier!

Sometimes, we just want to come home from work, pop a frozen dinner in the oven and relax. And that’s OK! But, if we’re going to do that, we might as well try to make the meal as healthy and nutritious as possible. That’s where veggies can come in handy, whether they’re fresh or frozen.


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Newbie Vegan – What I Ate During Week 1 Without Meat and Dairy

It has been 13 days since starting this vegan challenge. In addition to cutting out meat and dairy, I have also cut out all refined sugars and soda, and I rarely eat gluten! Here’s a recap of what I’ve eaten and how I did this challenge last week.

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10 Favorite, Lazy Girl Vegan Meals That Anyone Can Make in a Flash! (With Photos)

Vegan eating without the fuss is TOTALLY possible. I took pictures to prove it πŸ˜€

Here are ten, easy, plant-based meal ideas – straight from the mouth of a lazy vegan!

10 Easy, Plant-Based Meal Ideas From The Mouth of a Lazy Vegan (With Photos!)

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