New Vegan Cuts Pantry Box – Korean BBQ Seitan, Vegan Eggs, Parmesan, Mac n’ Cheese & More

Vegan Cuts Releases New Pantry Box – Vegan Eggs, Mac n' Cheese, Parmesan, Korean BBQ Seitan & More

Curious about venturing into vegan snack territory but don’t know where to start? Jump on this chance! Vegan Cuts just released a new Pantry Box. You’ll get lots of packaged vegan goodies for just $32.

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12 Snacks To Munch On Right Now In Celebration of International Vegan Junk Food Day

10 Snacks to Nom On Right Now in Celebration of International Vegan Junk Food Day

Oh, you thought vegans only eat fancy green juice, kale salads and quinoa bowls, eh? See, we like our chips and cookies, too! We have designated an entire day in their honor. August 29, 2015 is International Vegan Junk Food Day. So you know what that means…


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