Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Have you tried CoreLife Eatery, the US-based, plant-centric franchise? Tim Tebow just became the chain’s first celebrity endorser! To kick off a healthy 2019, Tebow is helping the restaurant promote The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-day program that urges people to cut out processed foods and other junk from their diet. Let the detox begin!

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New Vegan Cuts Pantry Box – Korean BBQ Seitan, Vegan Eggs, Parmesan, Mac n’ Cheese & More

Vegan Cuts Releases New Pantry Box – Vegan Eggs, Mac n' Cheese, Parmesan, Korean BBQ Seitan & More

Curious about venturing into vegan snack territory but don’t know where to start? Jump on this chance! Vegan Cuts just released a new Pantry Box. You’ll get lots of packaged vegan goodies for just $32.

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Vegan College Living – Stock These 10 Essentials for Lazy Dorm Room Snacking

Vegan College Living – Stock These Essentials for Lazy Dorm Room Snacking

I kept myself very busy throughout college and didn’t have much time for cooking, so I gravitated toward food that was easy to make or or could travel with me in my backpack. My list of dorm room snacking essentials is perfect for busy college vegans and vegetarians. Parents, try making a care box with these items for your college kid.

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Unboxing the July Vegan Cuts Snack Box – Tasty Bite Pad Thai, Santa Barbara Ranch World Peas & More

Unboxing the July Vegan Cuts Snack Box – Tasty Bite Pad Thai, Santa Barbara Ranch World Peas & More

I am obsessed with my monthly, cruelty-free Snack Box deliveries from Vegan Cuts and recently received yet another awesome box at my door. Check out the mix of hearty, protein-packed and nutritious food items that I received in my July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box.

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Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re trying to eat better by cutting back on meat, dairy, GMOs, etc, take a grocery trip to your nearest Whole Foods Market. It’s a great grocery store when you want to switch out your favorite snack foods for more Earth-friendly, animal-friendly, people-friendly and health-friendly options. Whether you want organic fruit and veggies or a new packaged food product you’ve read about, Whole Foods is bound to have it.

Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY

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10 Favorite, Lazy Girl Vegan Meals That Anyone Can Make in a Flash! (With Photos)

Vegan eating without the fuss is TOTALLY possible. I took pictures to prove it 😀

Here are ten, easy, plant-based meal ideas – straight from the mouth of a lazy vegan!

10 Easy, Plant-Based Meal Ideas From The Mouth of a Lazy Vegan (With Photos!)

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Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Costco in Brooklyn, NY

A couple years ago when I moved to NYC, I was surprised to find many vegan options at Costco in Brooklyn. There are even several organic and/or non-GMO products, as well.

Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Costco in Brooklyn, NY

Here are just some of the vegan items I noticed at the Costco location in Brooklyn, NY. I picked up most of these, and the kitchen is now well-stocked for vegan eating!

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Back to Eating My Vegan Way Through NYC

Spending a month in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio for Thanksgiving and Christmas was awesome! While I was there, I got to see some friends and family. Catching up with them meant I had lots of lunch and brunch dates at Park + Vine and Melt Eclectic Cafe – two of my favorite places in Cincy for vegan eats. I also had some tasty vegan dessert. Now, I’m back in NYC, a city with so many vegan restaurants and offerings. It’s one of the best cities in the world! Here is some of the vegan food I’ve had in Brooklyn and Manhattan the past few weeks.

Back in NYC, One of the Best Cities for Vegan Eating!

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Cincinnati Restaurants With Tasty Vegan Meal Options

My hometown has some amazing vegan food! Go Cincinnati! Yumm. Just look at the size of those tomato slices.

Cincinnati Restaurants That Have Tasty Vegan Meals on the Menu

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