Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Have you tried CoreLife Eatery, the US-based, plant-centric franchise? Tim Tebow just became the chain’s first celebrity endorser! To kick off a healthy 2019, Tebow is helping the restaurant promote The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-day program that urges people to cut out processed foods and other junk from their diet. Let the detox begin!

Not everything on the CoreLife Eatery menu is vegan/vegetarian, but the restaurant does a great job with labeling menu items with a green V. The employees are knowledgeable about what is vegan or not if you just ask. You can also find a nutrition guide and allergen informationΒ on the CoreLife website.

Ready to detox? The restaurant writes, “The CoreLife Challenge is a 21-day process that helps get you recharged, refueled, and on the path towards living a healthier lifestyle and becoming a healthier you. Every day we will send you recommendations on how to detox your system, and refuel your body with the foods you’re meant to eat.”

Athlete Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

The program begins on January 16. By signing up via CoreLife’s website, you will receive emails with tips and offers each day. I’m happy a chain is promoting this type of program, and that professional athlete Tim Tebow is endorsing it. I will be taking the challenge, because even though I am a relatively healthy eater, I still love my vegan junk food. Even vegans need to detox , too.

January is a perfect time to try something new like a salad or grain bowl from CoreLife. Save $5 on your first order by downloading their app and making your payment through the app. Super easy to scan and go at the register once you input your card information. You get reward points for each visit, so if you are paying with a card anyway, it’s totally worth it to link the card to the app. https://www.thelevelup.com/c/0VUQMLF1XB

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