10 Frozen Vegan Food Items You Have to Try From Trader Joe’s

Vegan USA – 10 Savory Frozen Food Items You Have to Try From Trader Joe's (All Meat-Free and Dairy-Free)

No matter what stage you are at in life, Trader Joe’s has a frozen vegan meal for you. We all get busy sometimes, so if you’re going to go with a frozen meal, just add some more greens and veggies to make it healthier.   Continue reading

Weekly News Roundup – New Vegan Cheese Shop To Open in NYC This Fall

Top News Happening This Week In Vegan Food, Lifestyle & Wellness

Weekly News Roundup - New Vegan Cheese Shop To Open in NYC This Fall & More

Vegan cheese, vegan desserts, vegan enchiladas, oh my!

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12 Snacks To Munch On Right Now In Celebration of International Vegan Junk Food Day

10 Snacks to Nom On Right Now in Celebration of International Vegan Junk Food Day

Oh, you thought vegans only eat fancy green juice, kale salads and quinoa bowls, eh? See, we like our chips and cookies, too! We have designated an entire day in their honor. August 29, 2015 is International Vegan Junk Food Day. So you know what that means…


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10 Savory Vegan Grocery Finds at Trader Joe’s That Will Make Your Meal Prep SO Much Easier

Vegan USA – 10 Savory Vegan Grocery Finds at Trader Joe’s

I love Trader Joe’s! For those who want to eat more plant-based foods, this store is a wonderful place to do your shopping. After one scan at the food lineup, you’ll quickly find that Trader Joe’s has your back when it comes to offering tasty meals and snacks that are free of meat, eggs, and dairy.

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10 Yummy Frozen Food Items at Trader Joe’s — All Vegan! No Meat, Eggs or Dairy

Vegan USA – Yummy Frozen Food Finds at Trader Joe’s

Once you step into Trader Joe’s, you’ll definitely plan to come back again. Everything seems so cheap, and it’s easy to fill up a cart quickly because you’ll feel like you want (no, NEED) everything you see. I’ve been buying vegetarian and vegan food from Trader Joe’s locations all across the country for years now, and I’m a huge fan of the store.

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Newbie Vegan – What I Ate During Week 1 Without Meat and Dairy

It has been 13 days since starting this vegan challenge. In addition to cutting out meat and dairy, I have also cut out all refined sugars and soda, and I rarely eat gluten! Here’s a recap of what I’ve eaten and how I did this challenge last week.

 unnamed (16)

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