Review – ProTings Chili Lime Baked Crisps – Lazy Girl Vegan

Forget protein shakes – one serving of ProTings crisps packs a whopping 15 grams of protein. I’ve never expected so much power from chips before. Pretty neat!

Review - ProTings Chili Lime Chips - Lazy Girl Vegan

These ProTings baked crisps were included in my January Vegan Cuts snack box, and I was surprised to see that the snack-sized pack of chili lime crisps had about 1/3 of my daily recommended intake of protein. That’s pretty cool!

Now, for some pros and cons:

PRO: Great for Athletes and Gym Buffs

The founders are active gym-goers who came up with their product idea after noticing the abundance of protein bars and shakes on the market, yet little protein-packed snacks. So, for people who need extra protein because they lift weights, work out hard, or are an athlete, I can see how these may be regular pantry staples.

Review - ProTings Chili Lime Baked Crisps - Lazy Girl Vegan

PRO: Great for Long Car Rides and Flights

ProTings crisps are also a good snack food to keep on hand for travel and emergencies. As a traveling vegan, I know the benefit of quick sustenance. Back in college, I drove nine hours from Cincinnati, OH to Ithaca, NY each year, and the only place I could stop off the highway for a meatless dinner was Burger King to get a veggie burger and fries. If I had these crisps back then, I may have just packed some ProTings and other shelf stable foods, then skipped the Burger King altogether.

PRO: This product is vegan, gluten-free, and gmo-free.

Review - ProTings Chili Lime Baked Crisps - Lazy Girl Vegan

CON: Too Much Seasoning

I had the chili lime flavor and thought there was too much flavoring. It’s too bad; I really wanted to enjoy the taste. Perhaps I would like a different flavor (and I’ve only tried this one), but the chili lime was just too strong for me. Immediately I wished there was less seasoning. I would enjoy these better if there were less salt and seasoning.

Verdict: A Good Snack for Quick, Easy Protein. Great for Travelers or Athletes.

ProTings has a nice idea, and the chips are certainly convenient for flying or roadtrips or other situations where vegan eating is challenging. Just pop open a bag of chips and be satiated. I can see how these could be a life saver for busy vegans in sticky situations!

It’s a lot easier to consume protein from plant sources than many may think, but as with any nutrition need, we all look for easy solutions for meals and snacks. So, getting 15 grams of protein by just opening a bag of ProTings crisps  and munching away is pretty enticing for busy people.

Images from ProTings website. 

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4 thoughts on “Review – ProTings Chili Lime Baked Crisps – Lazy Girl Vegan

  1. Roots Hummus says:

    The guys behind Protings are fantastic and we have enjoyed collaborating with them to pair Protings with Roots hummus. Try their Chili Lime with Roots Black Bean hummus or their Southern BBQ with Roots Lima Bean hummus 😉


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