New Post Series — Lazy Girl Vegan News Roundup

Top News & Events Happening This Week In Vegan Food, Lifestyle & Wellness

New Post Series — Lazy Girl Vegan Weekly News Roundup

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you some info about my new post series! I studied journalism/media production at Ithaca College and worked at several news publications throughout college, so I am a news writer at heart. I wanted to merge my passion for news with my love of vegan food by publishing news roundups on Lazy Girl Vegan. I will share the top news & events that are happening in vegan food, lifestyle and wellness since I keep up with that stuff every day anyway!

About once a week or every other week, I’ll share the top vegan news from that time period through a new series called Lazy Girl Vegan News Roundup.

These posts will be helpful for anyone who wants to eat more plants or live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. My roundups will cover positive and fun news. They will highlight progress and sustainability, from vegan restaurant openings and food product launches to new health studies and vegan fashion trends.

I will have my first Lazy Girl Vegan News Roundup ready for you tomorrow! I am looking forward to highlighting the positive aspects of living a natural, plant-based lifestyle. If you have any ideas for types of news you want to see in these updates, leave a comment and let’s discuss. 🙂

Top Image: People Are Flipping Out Over the Veggie Burger at New NYC Restaurant Superiority Burger

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