CoreLife Eatery Offers Hearty, Protein-Packed Vegan and Vegetarian Lunch Bowls

CoreLife Eatery Offers Hearty Vegan and Vegetarian Bowls in a Fast, Chipotle-Style Line

CoreLife Eatery is a franchise that prioritizes real food and plant-based ingredients. With their plethora of grains, greens, veggies, herbs and dressings, CoreLife makes wholesome, filling and delicious bowls that will give you steady energy. It’s a great lunch spot!

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Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Tim Tebow Endorses The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-Day Detox Program by CoreLife Eatery

Have you tried CoreLife Eatery, the US-based, plant-centric franchise? Tim Tebow just became the chain’s first celebrity endorser! To kick off a healthy 2019, Tebow is helping the restaurant promote The CoreLife Challenge, a 21-day program that urges people to cut out processed foods and other junk from their diet. Let the detox begin!

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Vegan Salad and Dairy-Free Garlic Bread From A Tavola in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati

Vegan Cincinnati – Salad and Dairy-Free Garlic Bread From A Tavola Restaurant in Over-the-Rhine

Recently I visited Cincinnati, OH to see friends and family and had dinner at A Tavola in Over-the-Rhine. A quick look at the menu is a bit discouraging for vegans, but after a chat with the waitress I learned that their homemade garlic bread is vegan. Score!

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Lunch & Sunday Brunch at Melt Eclectic Cafe And a Stop at Picnic and Pantry in Cincinnati, OH

Vegan Cincinnati – Lunch & Sunday Brunch at Melt Eclectic Cafe And a Stop at Picnic and Pantry

I live in NYC now, but Cincinnati is my hometown and one of my favorite cities in America. Each time I visit, I go to Melt Eclectic Cafe for lunch or Sunday brunch. It’s a favorite among locals and is located in a cool part of town called Northside. Though it’s very vegan and vegetarian friendly, the cafe also serves meat and dairy cheese, so its versatility makes Melt a wonderful spot to go to with my friends and family who aren’t veggie like me. We can all eat in harmony!


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Off The Vine Offers Cold Pressed Juice and Nut Milk From Scratch in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine

America has been hit by a juice craze that’s making many of us drop $55 or more on a colorful liquid cleanse. In New York City, we have so many juice spots that it’s hard to walk around Manhattan without stumbling upon a Juice Generation or Juice Press, two of the more well-known places that have popped up there. But it’s not just NYC that’s sippin’ on juice and juice. The craze has come to my hometown, Cincinnati, with Off The Vine juice bar.

Off the Vine Offers Homemade Nut Milk & Freshly Squeezed Juice in Cincinnati

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These Awesome Food Products Will Help You Transition to a Plant-Based, Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

In 2013, I decided to stop eating yogurt and try more of a vegan diet. I was a vegetarian at the time. Now, I consider myself a plant-based eater or a 99% vegan. I eat primarily plants, but I occasionally have dairy depending on the situation (like a birthday party where the cake has already been baked).

This blog is for people who want to make better eating choices, who want to eat more plant-based and need resources. I am not interested in making people feel excluded or like they need to be perfect. I often wonder if the more militant vegans understand that their tactics actually turn people away from veganism. I am interested in helping people eat less meat and dairy (or none at all!), not scaring them away from the vegan message of compassion.

Review – Dairy-Free, Boxed Mac n' Cheese From Earth Balance – Lazy Girl Vegan
In order to change your eating habits, you need to know what the heck you can eat! I assure you that there are SO MANY options; you just have to look and learn!

That’s Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese up there, yummm.

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Hey Cincinnati: Need a Dessert to Bring to Your Party? How About Locally-Made Baklava?

Happy winter holidays, Cincinnati! Now is the time for all the holiday parties, gift-exchanging, work functions, traveling and spending time with friends and family. If you need to bring a treat to any get-together, try locally-made dessert. I recently had some delicious baklava in Cincinnati. If you’re in the area, you can get this baklava at two Whole Foods locations.

Hey Cincinnati: Need a Dessert to Bring to Your Christmas Party? How About Locally-Made Baklava?

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Cincinnati Restaurants With Tasty Vegan Meal Options

My hometown has some amazing vegan food! Go Cincinnati! Yumm. Just look at the size of those tomato slices.

Cincinnati Restaurants That Have Tasty Vegan Meals on the Menu

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