Off The Vine Offers Cold Pressed Juice and Nut Milk From Scratch in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine

America has been hit by a juice craze that’s making many of us drop $55 or more on a colorful liquid cleanse. In New York City, we have so many juice spots that it’s hard to walk around Manhattan without stumbling upon a Juice Generation or Juice Press, two of the more well-known places that have popped up there. But it’s not just NYC that’s sippin’ on juice and juice. The craze has come to my hometown, Cincinnati, with Off The Vine juice bar.

Off the Vine Offers Homemade Nut Milk & Freshly Squeezed Juice in Cincinnati

Unlike many of the juice spots I see in NYC, Off The Vine serves all of their drinks in glass Mason jars, whether you are drinking at the bar or taking a 6-pack cleanse to go. Save the jars, bring them back to the store and you’ll get $0.50 per bottle when you buy more juice. I love how this store leads by example by choosing to forgo BPA plastic in favor of glass, which is a healthier and more environmentally- friendly option. Way to go, Off The Vine!

The shop uses the cold pressed method to make their juice in-house. They also have a variety of homemade nut milks made with cashews, dates and vanilla.

The special when I stopped by was the ta-heal-ya juice, which is made with jalapeno, lime, orange and ginger. Whew! That stuff was so intense, but it was delicious and helped clear out my stuffed sinuses. I’m just glad I had some milder flavors to chase with, because when I say spicy I mean it was REALLY spicy — but in a good way!

My friend and I were taking these shots like we were at an alcohol bar, so the experience was fun. Overall, the atmosphere inside Off The Vine is clean, bright and fresh — just like the juice they serve. I left the store feeling vibrant and amazing! I’m adding Off The Vine to my list of favorite juice companies.

Their Glow blend is my favorite so far. It’s made with carrot, apple, pineapple, lemon and ginger and has a gorgeous orange color. Glow is great for supporting hair & nail health, as well as brightens our skin and reduces inflammation. The health benefits of each juice blend are listed on the menu, so of course the plant-based nutrition nut in me was excited.

Off The Vine is located in the historic and recently revitalized area of Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine, at 1218 Vine Street. I went to high school in that area when it was still ridden with crime and drugs. I once got mugged there, but now I can get juice. Thank you for cleaning it up, Cincinnati! It’s really nice to visit and actually be able to enjoy that beautiful, historic neighborhood again. Cheers to good health!

Have you tried the products from Off The Vine? What’s your favorite blend?

Top image via Off The Vine

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