Happy Thanksgiving! I Celebrated in NYC With Vegan Dinner & Dessert From The Cinnamon Snail

Happy Thanksgiving! I Celebrated Vegan-Style in NYC With Food From The Cinnamon Snail

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I celebrated the holiday by eating vegan food from The Cinnamon Snail, which is a bomb ass food truck in NYC. It’s seriously some of the best vegan food in this city, and they were offering special Thanksgiving dinners, sides, donuts and pies for pickup this year.

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Vegetarian NYC – South Indian Curry and Masala Dosas at Indian Restaurant Dosai

Vegan NYC – Southern Indian Curry and Masala Dosas at Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Dosai

I recently had a lovely press tasting at Dosai, a vegetarian Indian restaurant in NYC. To help me with trying the food for this review, I brought along my non-vegetarian boyfriend, and he gives Dosai a thumbs up! Our dinner was delicious! If you’re in the NYC area and searching for some Indian cuisine, try this place.

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Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s New Vegan Restaurant, by CHLOE, is Already Gaining a Cult Following in NYC

Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s New Vegan Restaurant, by CHLOE, is Already Gaining a Cult Following in NYC

Have you heard of Chloe Coscarelli? She’s a beloved vegan chef who rose to culinary stardom after winning Cupcake Wars a few years ago. Then, she came out with a few cookbook, like Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen. Now, she’s in the restaurant business! About a month ago, she opened her new restaurant on Bleecker Street in NYC called by CHLOE. I’ve been there twice now and, yes, I’ll say I’m a cult follower. It seems I’m not the only one!

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Vegan Atlanta – Lunch at Café Sunflower – Award-Winning Vegetarian Restaurant in Buckhead

Vegan Atlanta – Lunch at Café Sunflower – Award-Winning Vegetarian Restaurant in Buckhead

I am currently visiting some family in Atlanta, Georgia. After Googling the best veggie spots in this city, I knew I had to stop for lunch at Café Sunflower, one of Atlanta’s best vegetarian restaurants. They have been serving award-winning cuisine for more than 20 years and have two locations (one in Buckhead and another in Sandy Springs).

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10 Savory Vegan Grocery Finds at Trader Joe’s That Will Make Your Meal Prep SO Much Easier

Vegan USA – 10 Savory Vegan Grocery Finds at Trader Joe’s

I love Trader Joe’s! For those who want to eat more plant-based foods, this store is a wonderful place to do your shopping. After one scan at the food lineup, you’ll quickly find that Trader Joe’s has your back when it comes to offering tasty meals and snacks that are free of meat, eggs, and dairy.

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People Are Flipping Out Over the Veggie Burger at New NYC Restaurant Superiority Burger

A Quinoa-Based Patty From New Restaurant Superiority Burger Just Might Be the Best Veggie Burger in Manhattan

People are lining up outside of a tiny restaurant in New York City to get a taste of what chef David Chang is calling “the best veggie burger I’ve ever had.”

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10 Yummy Frozen Food Items at Trader Joe’s — All Vegan! No Meat, Eggs or Dairy

Vegan USA – Yummy Frozen Food Finds at Trader Joe’s

Once you step into Trader Joe’s, you’ll definitely plan to come back again. Everything seems so cheap, and it’s easy to fill up a cart quickly because you’ll feel like you want (no, NEED) everything you see. I’ve been buying vegetarian and vegan food from Trader Joe’s locations all across the country for years now, and I’m a huge fan of the store.

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Organic Vegan Food & Live Music at Caravan of Dreams in the East Village, NYC (Perfect for Dates)

Vegan New York City – Organic Food & Live Music at Caravan of Dreams in the East Village – Perfect for Date Nights!

New York City is a sprawling metropolis that’s overflowing with frenetic energy, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. I like to de-stress and make the city seem a bit more manageable by relaxing at Caravan of Dreams, an organic and kosher vegan restaurant in the East Village. Venturing into this dimly lit restaurant when a live band is playing can seem like a breath of fresh air, forcing me to focus on the present moment and enjoy a meal while forgetting all of that craziness outside.

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Packaged Food Company Amy’s Kitchen Will Open An All-Vegetarian Drive Thru in California

Packaged Food Company Amy’s Kitchen Will Open An All-Veggie Drive Thru in California

How cool would it be for vegetarians and vegans to have access to a meatless fast-food restaurant? What if we could order items that are similar to those at McDonalds, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, but in a totally meatless fashion? Such a dream has arrived! Amy’s Kitchen is set to open an all-veggie drive thru in Rohnert Park, California this July.

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Awesome! Chipotle Is Testing New, All-Natural Tortillas That Contain Only 4 Ingredients

Chipotle Is Testing New Tortillas That Contain Only 4 Ingredients & Are All-Natural

As customers ask for whole foods options that are free of junk, more restaurants are stepping up to meet the demand with quality food. Chipotle, one of my favorite places to get a quick bite, is leading the pack here. A couple of months ago, the company announced it would no longer serve foods made with GMOs. Now, the Mexican food chain is testing a new, all-natural tortilla that contains only four ingredients!

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