Vegan Cuts Releases Cheese and Meat Box With 17 Vegan Essentials That Are Perfect for Cookouts

Vegan Cuts Releases Cheese and Meat Box With 17 Vegan Essentials That Are Perfect for Cookout Season

Vegan Cuts, the cruelty-free company that sells vegan goodies and offers monthly snack and beauty box subscriptions, has come out with a brand new box. Their one-time Cheese and Meat Box is packed with cruelty-free “cheesy” & “meaty” essentials that will have any omnivore coming back for more than one bite!


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Newbie Vegan – Here’s Why I’m Eating More Plant-Based Foods and Taking a 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Hello, I’m Brielle! Alexandra introduced me last week. I’m a meat-and-dairy eater and have decided to take on a 30-day challenge of eating more plant-based foods. I would like to start my first blog post by saying how excited I am to be apart of Lazy Girl Vegan during this challenge and to share it with you!

For the Next 30 Days, My Friend is Trying a Plant-Based Diet and Sharing Her Experience on Lazy Girl Vegan!For the Next 30 Days, My Friend is Embracing a Plant-Based Diet Challenge and Sharing Her Experience on Lazy Girl Vegan!
Some of the produce and drinks from my Kroger haul in Northern Kentucky 

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20 Vegan Twists on Your Favorite American Foods From Childhood – A Mix of Grocery Buys & Recipes

Remember These 20 Favorite Snacks From Childhood? Now, Food Companies Have Re-Imagined Them With All Vegan IngredientsWhat did you love to eat as a child? Growing up in the 90s, I enjoyed the standard American fare as many others did, like meat, dairy, packaged snacks and heat-and-eat foods from a box. As I got older and changed my diet, I gave up some of the more popular convenience food brands. Fortunately, many of my old favorites, likes chips, cheese, bacon, cupcakes and toaster pastries, have now been re-imagined, plant-based style. Many of them are available at your nearest grocery store. Oh how the times have changed!

Here are some favorite foods from childhood that have now been re-imagined, vegan style.

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10 Fun Vegan Foods That Appeared at Natural Products Expo West 2015 in Anaheim, California

March 4-8 marked the 2015 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. I wish I could have gone to this event, but because I wasn’t there in person, of course I’ve been following the expo news on social media. From what I’ve seen, it looks like this is a great year for vegan food.

10 Awesome Vegan Foods at Natural Products West 2015 in Anaheim, CA (Photos from Around Instagram)

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Food Review – Dairy Free Rice Macaroni and Cheeze From Amy’s Kitchen – Lazy Girl Vegan

When I first became vegan, I wanted to find some packaged food items I could rely on when I needed quick, lazy meals. I love mac n’ cheese, and I didn’t want to give it up just because I was giving up dairy. Luckily, I found dairy-free rice macaroni and cheese from Amy’s Kitchen!

Review – Amy's Kitchen Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze – Lazy Girl Vegan

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Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re trying to eat better by cutting back on meat, dairy, GMOs, etc, take a grocery trip to your nearest Whole Foods Market. It’s a great grocery store when you want to switch out your favorite snack foods for more Earth-friendly, animal-friendly, people-friendly and health-friendly options. Whether you want organic fruit and veggies or a new packaged food product you’ve read about, Whole Foods is bound to have it.

Awesome Vegan Food Finds at Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY

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10 Favorite, Lazy Girl Vegan Meals That Anyone Can Make in a Flash! (With Photos)

Vegan eating without the fuss is TOTALLY possible. I took pictures to prove it 😀

Here are ten, easy, plant-based meal ideas – straight from the mouth of a lazy vegan!

10 Easy, Plant-Based Meal Ideas From The Mouth of a Lazy Vegan (With Photos!)

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Food Review – Dairy-Free, Boxed Mac n’ Cheese From Earth Balance – Lazy Girl Vegan

As a child, I ate plenty of boxed mac & cheese, and I loved the Kraft kind in particular. Now, I have completely changed my diet to cut out most of the things I grew up eating – including cheese. But that doesn’t mean my taste for those childhood products has gone away! I still want some easy, creamy mac n’ cheese as much as the next American. Luckily, Earth Balance is here with a new, vegan mac n’cheese product that sits on the shelf.

Vegans Rejoice! Earth Balance Makes a Dairy-Free Spin on the Classic, Boxed Mac n' Cheesewhite-cheddar-mac-and-cheese

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