12 Food Products That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

When I moved to NYC after I graduated college, I came to rely on quick and easy food solutions. Small, 100 – 300 calorie mini-meals have become my saving grace in so many situations! Now, I eat several small meals throughout the day and always have a snack in my purse.


Check out these packaged food products that are perfect for healthy eating on the go. I didn’t receive payment for recommending these brands. I just tried them, liked them, and wanted to share!

Wai Lana Cassava Pops – Sea Salt

Remember when the whole “healthier chip” craze started? We’ve seen a lot of cool, crunchy snacks come out since then. These cassava pops from Wai Lana are yet another air popped chip on the market, but they’re made with yucca root instead of potatoes, making them stand out from the typical offerings. They’re a great alternative to potato chips, perfectly complementing a salad or sandwich.


Aloha Daily Good Greens – Berry Blend

Aloha Daily Good Greens includes spirulina, mushroom, sustainable moringa and wheatgrass. I just mix mine into some water and drink. I was surprised by the taste and loved the berry flavor! I love this company so much that I’ve become one of their official Brand Ambassadors. Check out my review about the powdered greens, and if you’re interested in purchasing them, take 20% off your first purchase when you use my code LAZYVEGAN at checkout! Click here for the discount.

Products I'm Obsessed With Lately That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze – Raspberry Coconut and Blueberry Acai Flax

I try to sit down and have a hearty breakfast before I leave the house, but the snooze button is nice, too. When I need to get up and go, I often grab something to eat on the subway or the walk to the station. Munk Pack is perfect for this. It’s oatmeal and fruit in a squeeze pouch. DRINKABLE OATMEAL. Amazing.

13 Products I'm Obsessed With Lately That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

Squarebar – Cocoa Cherry and Cocoa Mint

I like the protein bars from Squarebar because they’re soy-free and made with brown rice protein, packing 10-12 grams of it, depending on the flavor. The cocoa cherry and cocoa mint flavors are delicious!


Emmy’s Organics Macaroons – Chocolate Chip

Biting into one of these Emmy’s Organics macaroons is like heaven. I’ve had three flavors and all were delicious: dark cacao, chocolate chip and coconut vanilla. Each pack includes three macaroons, so they’re great to throw in your bag and eat when your sweet tooth strikes.



With many people today choosing to drink their greens instead of cook them, organic green juices are a great beverage option. I’ve become quite the green juice addict lately! I love this blend from BluePrint. It’s not too “green” or bitter tasting.


GoRaw Real Live Apricot Bar

As you can see from the picture, I enjoyed one of these Go Raw bars while waiting for laundry to dry at the laundromat. These are great for people on a raw vegan diet, but since they’re gluten-free, wheat free and nut free, they’re also a great snack for anyone with nut allergies or gluten intolerance.


Wild Friends Peanut Butter – CHOCOLATE COCONUT

Peanut butter that’s flavored with coconut and chocolate is the best kind of peanut butter, don’t you think? I love that Wild Friends Foods makes all sorts of nut butters in cool flavors.


Veg This Way RAWR Bars – Very Berry Kale

Here’s yet another new find I discovered from my Vegan Cuts box. I loved fruity snacks and roll-ups like this when I was a kid, so snacking on one of these fruit and veggie bars today is always enjoyable.

Products I'm Obsessed With Lately That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

Health Warrior Chia Bars – Chocolate Peanut Butter

One bar contains 100 calories, which is a great amount for a quick bite. If I’m a little hungry but know I have dinner with a friend in a couple hours, one of these Health Warrior chia bars quells that hunger and packs the nutritional benefits of chia seeds.

Products I'm Obsessed With Lately That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!


Hemp is a complete protein, hoorary! That means you can eat these seeds by themselves and your body will receive all 10 amino acids, without having to combine with other food. However, I always like to sprinkle hemp seeds over non-dairy yogurt or a smoothie. Try these from Ziggy Marley’s.


Vegan Cuts Snack Box Service

Many of the snacks I’ve included in this post were introduced to me through Vegan Cuts, a monthly subscription box service I’ve been purchasing for several months now. Of course, I have to end this list with this cool service, because the box is packed with vegan goodies that are perfect to grab-and-go. It’s a great way to discover new products.

Products I'm Obsessed With Lately That are Perfect for Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

That marks the 12 vegan food items I’ve obsessed with lately! What products are you loving these days?

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